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Q: what is the standard procedue to make an appointment with Oirental Outcall?

Q: Are the descriptions of the girls real?

Are the descriptions in your portfolio genuine? The girl you choose is the girl you meet. Unlike some less than reputable agencies, we don’t send a different girl and hoping you don't notice.

Q: Why don't you show the girls' faces working with your agency?

There are several reasons why some girls ask us to hide their face. Many of our girls are university students or have professional careers and only work as an escort on a part-time basis. For others the reason is personal: they don’t want their friends and or family to know that they are working as an escort. We do meet all of our girls in person and satisfied with their looks and character before letting them join us.

Q: How much notice do the girls usually need?

Advance notice for a booking is always preferred. This is so that we can arrange the girl of your choice and also ensure that she will be ready to meet you. Booking carried out on the same day always carry the risk that your first or even second choice girl will not be available. If you are looking for an overnight stay then we advice that you book before 7pm the same night or preferably the day before. If you are looking for a short time stay then at least 2 hours notice should be given depending on where you are staying in Singapore. If you are looking for a longer period of time for example a few days together then we will require at least two days notice. For a smooth booking experience, please follow our guidelines on our booking page.

Q: Can I make a special request?

Absolutely! If you’d like your sexy girl to wear something special, or if you have any other special request, please feel free to ask – we will always try and be as accommodating as possible.

Q: What payment methods do the girls accept?

Our girls will only accept payment in cash or credit cards. This should be given to your companion within the first ten minutes of the booking. *Note: There will be surcharge(usually 10%)using card payment.We only accept Visa,Mastercard and AmericanExpress.

Q: Are the prices on your site negotiable?

Under certain situations,the rate can be negotiated.

Q: How can I find out more information about the escort I select?

Visit our girls page or contact us and we can provide you with the information you need.

Q: What type of service can I expect?

Your booking with Orientl Outcall Girls is an escort and massage. There are no further costs or charges beyond the rates listed.

Q: Can I arrange to meet the model privately without making a booking through Orientl Outcall ?

Each appointment must be booked only through Orientl Outcall ; the girls will refuse any request to meet with you privately. Please do not ask for their contacts, the companion will refuse your request. This is to protect their privacy.

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Q: Can I cancel the date with the Oriental Outcall Girl if I find that she doesn't suit my taste?

Yes, that is possible. For whatever reason, you don’t wish to continue with the date, you must pay a cancellation fee within the first 10 minutes after meeting. A cancellation fee also applies, if you cancel a booking when the escort is in a taxi traveling to you.You may give the the fee to girl when she arrives.

The cancellation fee is from $10 to $60 based on your location.If you are in new jersey,the fee may be $60,and and if stay in new york city,and the fee may be only $10.